Anxiety in children

What Causes Anxiety Disorder in Children?

 Causes of Anxiety Disorder in Children

In today’s world, people are suffering from many diseases and disorders. One of them is anxiety. Those who are not aware of what anxiety is then you should know that it is a mental health disorder which makes one feel worried or fear which can be strong enough to disturb the daily activity of a person. Anxiety disorder includes panic attacks and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Though it is found in adults now we can see anxiety in children also.

If you look around you will find anxiety disorder in children becoming common day by day. Children are being the prey of this mental disorder at a very low age. Not only in children but you can find anxiety in toddlers. The symptoms are very common to normal, but as we know toddlers are unable to express themselves, we need to look at their behavior like constant crying and sudden attacks at extreme levels. Such cases can be fatal to life at such a low age, but with precautions and medical treatment, it can be overcome easily.

What are the symptoms of anxiety in children?

Symptoms of anxiety in children are visible. If you think your kid is going through anxiety then look for the following symptoms.

  • They will find it hard to concentrate on every subject.
  • Sleeplessness and walking while sleeping can be also found in some cases.
  • Not eating properly and being clingy can also be symptoms of anxiety.
  • If your kid complains about constant stomach ache then this can also be considered a symptom.
  • Having negative thoughts, getting irritated easily, and being out of control is most common in anxiety.

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Treatment for anxiety in children

There are few ways for child anxiety treatment which are recommended by doctors. Some of them are as follow

  • Counseling is one of the effective methods of treatment. Here professionals help in finding out the source of anxiety. By replenishing the source and finding out the causes of anxiety disorder they can help you avoid them for better results.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a therapy in which professional talks to your child and help them to open up and deal with their anxiety issues. Thus in this way also they can
  •  Take away the causes of anxiety in children easily.
  • Anxiety medicines are also provided to the children in extreme cases which can help your kid to deal with the problem and thus finally making sure that symptoms and anxiety disorders are gone.


 What role can parents play in treatment?

Only the doctor alone is not enough to cure the disorder in such cases. Anxiety and depression in children is a very serious case that needs to be taken in high priority. This disorder can influence the life of the children and parents to need to play an important role in its treatment.

The anxiety symptoms in children can appear because of the following reasons which happen from the house only.

  • Parents fighting and arguing constantly.
  • Constant changing of house and schools.
  • Children getting neglected for any reason.
  • Parents not giving quality time and discussing with their children
  • Bullying in school and outside or constant pressure of academic stuff.
  • Becoming ill or going through some accident or loss of any closed one.

If these situations are dealt with properly then it becomes helpful for children to get over this disorder properly. These situations can result in severe disorder and if treated properly in time can also be cured easily.

Children can suffer such anxiety disorders easily. Regular contact with them is one of the best ways to avoid such disorders. All you need to do is take care of your children and their surroundings and try making their life stress free.


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